Tips For Dealing With Nausea While Traveling To The Airport

If you are taking an airport shuttle to the arrival gates, you are likely glad that you won't have to worry about figuring out and paying for parking. However, if you are especially nervous about being on a plane for the first time or are leaving early in the morning and are pregnant, you might be worried about getting sick on the way to the airport. You probably don't want to throw up due to the fact that it would be embarrassing, cause a mess, and possibly result in your wearing your vomit on the plane, which will not make you any friends. Here are some tips for dealing with nausea while traveling on an airport shuttle.

1. Take Motion Sickness Medicine

The first thing that you want to do is prepare by taking motion sickness medication the night before you are planning to leave. This will allow you to help control your nausea, especially if you are feeling nervous about being on a plane in the first place. Talk to your doctor about taking this medication if you are pregnant. You also might want to take it the morning of your trip.

2. Wake Up Earlier

If you are pregnant and are suffering from morning sickness, consider waking up earlier and getting something in your stomach. Usually, morning sickness tends to pass within a few hours so you can start the process off and get it over with before you even get into the airport shuttle.

3. Sit in the Front Seat

There will be less bumpiness if you sit in the front passenger seat, rather than the back. This can make a huge difference with regards to your nausea because it will result in you getting less jolted around. This will help reduce your overall motion sickness. Talk to the shuttle company about reserving the front seat for yourself.

4. Listen to Relaxing Music

Have headphones in and listen to relaxing music on your way to the airport if you are worried about throwing up due to anxiety about flying. Your driver will not think that you are being rude, especially if you tell him or her ahead of time. This will allow you to keep your head and your stomach under control.

5. Bring an Extra Set of Clothes That's Easy to Reach

Finally, if you truly think that you are going to throw up, consider bringing an extra set of clothes that's packed where it is easy to reach. This will allow you to change should you throw up. Bring a plastic bag to store your soiled clothing.

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