Use These Factors To Determine The Best Vehicle For Your Special Event

If you're about to arrange for a limousine rental for a special occasion, be prepared to find several models and types of vehicles available for rent. Simply saying you want to rent a limo, now, gets you a choice between a traditional limousine, stretch limo, stretch SUV, and more. Looks matter to some extent, but a lot more goes into creating a specific experience for people riding in limos. Take a look at these qualities and see which ones you want; these will help you choose a vehicle that really complements the occasion.


Limos often come stocked with small amenities like mints, newspapers, bottled water, and more. Check the amenity list for each vehicle type and see which ones match what you and your other passengers might like. Some vehicles will have very basic amenities, while others have a level of luxury that can turn your day into something out of this world. Also check if the amenities are included in the price (in other words, they might be in the vehicle when you rent it, but will you be charged an additional fee if you actually use any of the amenities?) of rental, and if there are ways to add on more amenities, possibly by paying a slightly larger rental fee.

Space for Personal Items

You want the vehicle to be able to legally carry your entire group. However, that legal requirement doesn't include extra space for comfort, which means you and your group could find yourselves squashed together. You may want to rent a vehicle that can hold a few people more just to have the extra space for yourselves -- who wants their special-day outfits crushed, right? -- and your personal belongings. It's much nicer to set a bag on the seat next to you instead of having everyone appear to be buried under purses and jackets.

Cost Basis

How is the rental fee being calculated? Are you going by miles driven, or will this be an hourly rental? Sometimes the rental fee is a set amount for a certain number of hours and miles driven together. You have to know, though, so that you can both budget properly for the cost and so that you don't request the driver go somewhere that suddenly increases your rental bill.

Limo companies like Flash Limousine & Bus are aware of all the factors that go into deciding which vehicle would be right for the occasion. Give them a call and discuss what you want. Find out how the fee is calculated, and if possible, visit the facility to see what vehicles are available. You'll find something wonderful.