Using A Short Haul Services For Shipping Your Products

For many businesses, their delivery supply chain will need to be able to service a fairly large local area. Unfortunately, these companies may lack the resources needed to develop and maintain their own fleet of commercial trucks. Luckily, there are short haul services, like those at STS Transportation Services and other locations, that can be used to help ensure that products are being delivered to their destination in the most affordable and reliable manner possible.

What Types Of Services Can A Short Haul Transportation Provider Offer?

Individuals will often assume that they will need to rely on traditional shipping services in order to have their products delivered to clients. Yet, short haul services will typically be able to provide clients with a range of service options so that they can be sure that their items are receiving the destination within the needed time-frame. For example, many of these services can offer same-day pickup, and they may be able to provide same-day delivery if the destination is within their service area.

Are Short-Haul Services More Expensive Than Traditional Transportation Options?

A common assumption about short haul services is that they will be more expensive than other types of transportation solutions. Depending on the cargo that you are needing to send, these options may actually be more affordable than other types of shipping. This is especially true when individuals are needing to ship a moderate or large amount of product. Traditional carriers will charge by the weight of the items being sent, and this can lead to them becoming extremely expensive for large shipments. Short haul services will allow you to deliver these large shipments to your clients for a much more affordable cost as well as potentially being able to arrive at the destination far more quickly. While traditional shipping options may take up to several days or longer to arrive. Most short haul services can provide same or next day delivery for the items that you are needing to send.

Can Short-Haul Services Accommodate Shipments That Are Temperature-Sensitive?

It is common for businesses to need to ship items that are extremely sensitive to warmer temperatures. As a result, they may need to utilize refrigerated cargo services in order to ship these items. Fortunately, there are short haul services that will be able to provide refrigerated trucks that can keep your products refrigerated or even frozen until they reach their destination. The use of these trucks may be more costly and it may take slightly longer for one to be dispatch to pick up your items, but they may be the only option for keeping your items from spoiling before reaching their destination.