Decorating A Limo For A Wedding

When a beloved friend or family member ties the knot, you'll want every part of their big day to be as special as it can be. This includes their transportation on the day, which should reflect the importance of the occasion. What are some of the best ways to decorate a limo for a wedding?

Make Sure You Have Permission

About the first thing to ask the limo company is if you're actually allowed to decorate the vehicle. It's really important to confirm this, otherwise you can say goodbye to your security deposit (and possibly then some). Even when you have permission, there might be limits on just what you can add to the limo, so be sure to follow the limo service company's guidelines. For example, you might have to use specific decorations and adhesives that will not damage the limo's paintwork or interior. If this is the case, ask for a list of what is allowed and adhere to the limitations.

Decorate the Window

Window decals are a great starting point. Many companies can customize a decal, allowing you to create one with any message you choose. This should be as personalized as possible, although you might want to avoid anything with potentially offensive humor, just in case you upset some members of the wedding party. The names of the couple along with their wedding date is a great, classic choice. 

Bring Balloons and Ribbons

Balloons and ribbons are another fantastic way to make the wedding limo even more special. If you're not that experienced with ribbons, get some with pre-tied bows, which can then be attached to the limo. The colors are up to you, but if a color theme has already been chosen for the ceremony, you might want to follow this lead. The same goes for the balloons. Be sure to choose biodegradable balloons. Although you'll attach them to the limo as securely as you can, some might detach, and you don't want them to harm the environment. 

Remember the Inside of the Limo

Decorating the interior of the vehicle is completely optional, and you might want to limit your efforts to the limo's exterior. Adding a few flower arrangements to the inside of the limo is a simple (but extremely effective) way of adding some flare. 

All it takes is some time, some dedication, and a few decorations, and you've made a special day all the more wonderful. For more information on your options, contact a local limo service.