Do All Types Of Event Equipment Need Special Transportation?

Whether you're planning a corporate event, music festival, or family reunion, you'll need to transport your equipment to the event venue. But it can be challenging to find a reliable transportation mode that ensures the safety and security of your items. Event trailer transportation specialists are experts in transporting sensitive and specialized event equipment. This post explores the types of event equipment that need special transportation.

Stage Equipment

Stage equipment is one of the most important components of any large-scale event. This includes items like speakers, lights, and microphones, as well as more specialized items like backline gear and soundboards. Backline gear includes items like amplifiers, drum kits, and keyboards. These items are very sensitive and require a gentle touch during transportation to avoid any damage or disruption.

All these stage items are expensive, delicate, and crucial to a successful event, so it's important to make sure professionals adequately transport them with specialized trailers or trucks that understand their fragility. The trailers have provisions to secure and protect the equipment while in transit. They could have things like air-ride suspension and adjustable lashing points to minimize the risk of damage.

Audiovisual Equipment

Another piece of equipment requiring special transportation is audiovisual (AV) equipment. This includes costly LCD screens, projectors, TVs, and monitors—all of which require careful handling when being transported between venues. While you might be tempted to transport these items yourself, you risk the chance of damaging them during the journey.

A professional transportation service will have appropriate storage solutions like protective cases and boxes specifically designed for AV equipment. This will ensure the items are securely strapped down and padded during transit to avoid any potential damage or theft.

Remember that AV equipment can be difficult to move due to its size and shape and should only be done so by experienced professionals with the right kind of vehicle for transporting heavy goods safely over long distances.

Exhibit Displays and Booths

If you're setting up an exhibition or trade show, it's essential that your exhibit displays and booths arrive in one piece. Exhibit displays are usually large structures that require specialist trailers for safe transportation between venues without incurring any damage during transit. They feature delicate components like banner stands, podiums, and monitors that all need to be packed securely, so they don't become damaged or broken in transit.

Professional event trailer specialists will also have experience setting up these displays at different venues around the country—ensuring that your display looks perfect every time. They also transport these important pieces of equipment to and from your event safely with minimal disruption to your schedule. 

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