Weekend Bachelor Party Ideas For Your Wall St. Hedge Fund Colleague: 2 Ideas Perfect For A Private Charter Jet

When you work on Wall Street, particularly if you work at a hedge fund, you're surrounded by incredibly wealthy people and people who are used to luxury. So if you have been tasked by the group to arrange for the bachelor party for a friend at work, then you may have your work cut out for you. A trip to one of the hot nightclubs in Soho or Tribecca is nothing unusual for you guys, so it's not going to really be a special or memorable night. Odds are, if the guy is the type who likes clubs, he's been to all of the hot spots in Manhattan more than a few times. So, for his big bachelor party, think about jetting off somewhere really memorable.  

South Beach, Miami

If your friend is the only guy getting married, and the rest of the crew heading down are all single guys, then the group will love Miami. The town is one of the hot spots for club nightlife in the entire country. There are very cool boutique hotels where you can all get rooms, and the strip is filled with very cool bars, cafes, and the aforementioned nightclubs. During the day, the group can head out on a charter boat and do some deep sea fishing. While the guys from the fund will likely have been out deep sea fishing off Long Island, the experience is much different down in Miami. The water and air temperature is much warmer (whereas up north it can get super cold), so you can get a nice yacht and relax with drinks and hang out on deck. Plus, you can look to fish Marlin, which is something you won't get up north. The best part about Miami is that it's so close to NYC by private jet. You can board up in Long Island at one of the private air strips (or Westchester) and avoid the congested lines at Newark or Laguardia.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another great spot for a group that includes mostly single guys is Vegas. The place has gambling, great restaurants, and also some really wild nightclubs. Of course, for the guys who are married, there is still plenty of stuff to enjoy, such as the awesome golf courses and the afternoon excursions to the Grand Canyon, where you can take a helicopter and scope out the enormity of the canyon. You can fly right into McCarran, and since you will likely be staying at an awesome suite, the casino will probably have the host arrange for a nice stretch limo to meet you.

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