3 Things To Know About Trucking Permits

The government is responsible for ensuring the safety of all drivers operating vehicles on public roadways. One of the tools used to help make highway travel a lot safer is a trucking permit. Semi-trucks carrying loads that exceed state maximums must apply for specialized permits. These permits can significantly affect the cost of delivery, so both transportation companies and retailers must understand the permitting process. 1. Permits Only Apply to Certain Loads [Read More]

Tips For Renting A Dump Truck For Your Project

Don't work hard when you can work smart instead. If you have a big project you are working on, it is better to get some equipment that'll make things easier for you, as opposed to trying to carry so much of the load on your own. In this regard, it doesn't get better than having access to a dump truck. You can get your hands on one of these machines in the form of a rental contract, and this will help you do a lot more work with a lot less effort. [Read More]

Triethylene Glycol Is Used To Dehydrate Natural Gas

Natural gas is used for so many things. You can cook with it, heat with it, and there are even cars that have been modified to run on natural gas. Natural gas has to go through several steps before it can be used for anything. Refining the natural gas gets rid of all the impurities and makes it possible for it to be used. One of the first steps to refining natural gas is for it to be dehydrated. [Read More]

The Benefits Of A Limo Service When You Want A Night Out With Friends

If you are getting ready to plan a big night out with friends or family, consider renting a limo service for your next adventure. Limos provide transportation for all kinds of events, not just for weddings or proms. Whether you are going to a large concert and you want the fun to start on the trip or you are heading to the city and don't want to think about parking, a limo service is the answer. [Read More]