Three Things A Charter Company Needs To Know When Booking A Charter For A Large Group

When large groups of people choose to go on a trip together, it can be a bit of a hassle to coordinate who is going to ride with whom, who is going to drive, and who is going to be in charge of navigating where everyone is going. If you want to go on a trip with a large number of people with as little hassle as possible, consider hiring a charter company to get your group where you need to go quickly and easily. The following guide walks you through everything the charter company will need to know when you book a charter for your group.

Determine the Size of Your Group

You need to find out how large your group is before you can hire a charter. Most charter companies have different sized vehicles that they can send to transport your group. Groups with five to ten people can be transported in a large cargo van whereas larger groups may need to be chartered in a large bus. The cost to charter a van will be less than the cost of a bus, but everyone will need to have a seat belt available to them in order for the charter company to be able to transport them legally in any charter option.

Determine How Far You Need to Travel

The company will need to know where you plan to be picked up at and where you plan to travel to before the charter can be booked. This is to ensure that they are able to have their driver arrive at the time that you need them to arrive to your pick-up location and that they are able to drive for the number of hours it would take to get you where you want to go legally. There are restrictions as to the number of hours straight a charter driver can drive. The company may need to send two drivers so that they can swap out at the halfway point of the trip.

Determine the Cost Everyone Can Afford

Finally, you need to determine what everyone can afford to pay for the trip before booking the charter. The cost will need to be split between everyone that will be taking the trip. There are many times when luxury charters are available for an additional cost, but if your group is on a fixed budget, be sure to let the charter company know that you want the most basic charter option available.

Once the company has all of this information, they will be able to book the charter for you. Be sure to have everyone arrive at the meeting point a few minutes before the charter is scheduled to arrive to make sure that everyone gets there on time and is ready to go. This will ensure that the trip goes smoothly and can start on time. For more information, contact a business such as Charter Coach PR.